Essay On Reptilian Conspiracy Theory

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Even though the Reptilian conspiracy theory is just a myth that many believe is to be true but does not have any factual evidence to support it, the reptilian conspiracy theory is not valid because there are no photographs to document it and there is not any factual evidence to validate it.
You may be asking yourself what is this Reptilian conspiracy theory? The Reptilian conspiracy theory claims that our world is controlled by shape-shifting humanoid aliens that appear to be reptiles. It is said that the human race is infiltrated by Reptilians and many of which are in power. Several world leaders have been “identified” as Reptilian shape-shifters such as, Barack Obama, George W. Bush, and Queen Elizabeth II. It is believed that these “Lizard People” are in positions of power in order to manipulate human affairs, …show more content…

With the talk that Reptilian aliens control our world then raises questions of what do they look like. Technology has been evolving for many years as conspiracy theories have as well. There are a lot of photoshopped images of what is claimed to be famous world leaders taking on the forms of Reptilian shape-shifters. Many images are altered to look “real” and convince the population that this myth is true. There is not however any credible photographic proof that these alleged world leaders are in fact shape-shifters. There are a lot of softwares that can edit and create images that are available to the public.
Some may argue that there are a lot of sources that have ample amounts of information convincing us that these “shape-shifters” are real. Unfortunately, a lot of websites are not monitored by credible people. A lot of the images that we see are in fact edited to represent what people think is “lizard people”. Typically, it’s usually an image that is popular from the supposed leader and then photoshopped to appear like the conspiracy theory

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