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Part A – 149 Tyndall Ave., Toronto, Ontario

The purpose of this letter is to outline the OBC requirements required for the renovation of the above noted property.

This review is based on drawings of the building prepared by Design Plus, the 2012 Ontario Building Code (OBC) and the 2015 Ontario Fire Code (OFC).

The building was originally constructed as a 3 storey semi-detached dwelling and has a basement level. It is assumed that each of the original dwelling units were separated from the adjacent unit by a 1-hour fire separation.

The building area is approximately 155m2 and the building is classified as a Group C occupancy.

Currently, the building provides sleeping accommodations for 17 persons within 9 bedrooms. The client would …show more content…

2. The performance level may be reduced if the early warning and evacuation systems within the building do not meet the requirements set out in Table These requirements include access to exit widths based on occupant load, exit widths based on occupant load, exit signage, emergency lighting, fire alarm system, smoke alarms, travel distance, number of exits and smoke control measure.

The provided width of the access to exits based on occupant load is calculated using the existing corridor width for the second and third floor of 43.3 inches and a factor of 3/4 inches per person which would allow the passage of 58 persons on each floor. Should 1 persons sleep in each room on the second floor, there would be a maximum of 8 persons. Should 1 persons sleep in each room on the third floor, there would be a maximum of 5 persons. Based on the above calculations, there is no reduction in performance level for the access to exits.

The exit capacity for the second and third floor, determined using the width of the exits based on occupant load, is calculated using the 2 existing exit doors leading into the exit stairs as the doors are more restrictive than the stairs. The exit doors on the second and third floors have a width of 32 inches and 34 inches. Since each exit is only allowed to contribute a maximum of 50% of the

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