Essay On Romeo And Juliet Love

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“Young men love with their eyes, then, not truly with their hearts!”, Friar Lawrence (103). As Friar Lawrence says in Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare, young men only seek for beauty instead of real love. However, that’s the only way to learn what love really is. In this novel, the “love”of two young teenagers and the hatred between their families lead to a catastrophe that ended killing them. But, who is responsible for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet? As a priest, Friar Lawrence should’ve guided Romeo and Juliet into a way of getting them married while no harm could’ve been done between their families, but instead, he started a calamity. When Friar Lawrence discovers that Romeo and Juliet “love” each other and that they …show more content…

At this moment, Friar Lawrence should know that marrying Romeo and Juliet wasn’t a good idea. “Be off and comfort her. But mind you don’t stay still the night guards start their shift! Then, you couldn’t leave for Mantua, where you shall live till the time is right for us to make your marriage public… (167)”, Friar tells Romeo. As a priest and an adult, Friar should try to intervene between Romeo and Juliet’s marriage; he knows that Romeo is a menace to society, and that Romeo and Juliet would do everything for their “love”. But, instead of trying to stop Romeo from doing something worse, Friar is supporting him after Romeo killed Tybalt; consequently, Romeo is now able to do worse things. Additionally, Friar helps Juliet to get away from the marriage that her father organized between Paris and her. “Go home, be cheerful, and say you’ll marry Paris… When you’re in bed, take this small bottle and swallow this distilled liquid… When the bridegroom comes in the morning to get you up, there you are-dead. (197)”, Friar tells Juliet. This results in the Capulets thinking that their daughter is dead, even though she isn’t. Because of the help that Friar is providing to Juliet, Romeo now thinks that Juliet is dead; Friar didn’t think about the consequences of the letter not getting in time to Romeo; therefore, Romeo is going back to Verona-where he shouldn’t be, and could get killed because of

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