Essay On Shopping Malls

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Shopping centres have various effects on the environment as well as the social environment such as the sphere of influence, land use changes and land values and have positive and negative effect on the environment as well on the people. According to Eser Hangul shopping centres are the part of large places which are stored of goods and service together. In the big cities, shopping malls are indicated in the economic internal growth of country. The shopping mall is the place of competitive trades that mean a lot of merchandises and services to be exchanged, which results to a good economy. Some people are satisfied with shopping centres as it makes their life much better, improves their standard of living as its comfortable and convenient , for instance, you can get the word " one stop service" that it provides everything…show more content…
The development of shopping malls has an impact on the land values of adjacent residential properties. According to MC Sale_ (May 19, 2015) One of the most significant changes in the South African retail landscape Over the past few decades is the increase in the number and size of Retail shopping centres situated in, or close to, residential areas, but have an effect of residential property prices. There is an increase in prices and the land values changes and is worth more due to the shopping centre so the property will be worth more as it is closer and covenant. Another effect on the environment due to shopping malls is that there is a sphere of
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