Shopping Malls Are Becoming Extinct

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Ever wonder what your favorite mall will look like if it was replaced by an empty lot? How would you feel? Approximately 60 years ago when shopping malls were first built, it was expected to be “the gleaming symbols of America’s future.” Shopping malls were created to lure customers from the city into the suburbs; thus allowing shopping be done under one roof. However, according to recent studies conducted by Green Street Advisors, 10 percent of the nation’s 1,000 enclosed malls will fail by 2022. Although this may not seem detrimental, once the malls begin to disappear, shoppers will be limited to where they shop. Shopping malls are becoming extinct because of change in generation, economic issues, and the closing of major anchor stores. As we enter a new generation, shoppers are gearing toward online and mobile shopping, which contributes to the extinction of shopping malls. America reached a time period where the number of adults who were born in a time where online shopping was not thought of are retiring; resulting in old habits, such as shopping in malls, coming to a cease. The older generation of adults tend to revert back to familiar habits such as shopping at malls or going to a bookstore. The new generation of adults/teenagers do not use shopping malls as a hangout spot in contrast to older generation, thus leading to the decline of shopping malls. Other than shopping, shopping malls were once used for socializing. However, with the increase of social networks
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