Essay On Should National Parks Should Place A Capacity Limit On Visitors

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For sometime now people have been debating whether or not national parks should place a capacity limit on visitors and add a fee to visit as well. The restriction on visitors will help parks become uncrowded and more breathable and enjoyable. Not including how beneficial the small entrance fee can do for the parks. Since national parks already receive donations, they are able to put that toward updates on the roads, walk ways, and cleaning of the parks. The entrance fee could possibility help open more parks up, and also help spread out their visitors and give them more than one park to visit. When you want to visit wildlife parks you want to see the actual wildlife and not worry about walking to slow in front of other visitors or even running…show more content…
The parks constantly need updates for features that are used by visitors. The National Parks Service needs maintenance projects like trying to prevent raw sewage from spilling and damaging the park's rivers and fixing electrical failures. The parks reported these maintenance projects to roughly cost around 12 billion dollars. "The idea behind national parks was preservation, not degradation in the name subsidized access. And preservation is not free."(Watson) People want to visit the national parks and enjoy it knowing their safe and surrounded in natural beauty, but everything comes at a price. Some people would argue that it unfairly excludes poor families." But more park visitors are relatively healthy and live near parks-travel cost, not entrance fees, keep low income families from visiting." This proves how entrance fees wouldn’t be unfair to low income families, and wouldn’t affect if they came to visit the park or not. I understand why some people want the national park to be free, because it allows many people to come and visit but also bring their business to the local businesses near the parks as well. What goes unacknowledged is how the heavy travel traffic causes roads to crumble and over used toilet systems wastes extreme amounts of water. These problems are
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