Essay On Sigmund Jung Jung Symbolism

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According to Jung symbol is “unconscious” aspect that is never precisely defined or fully explained. But it does explore around with various mystery or experiences faced in reality. Furthermore, he also believes that people need to use symbols to express themselves because every “symbol’ has a significance to define a certain condition and feelings that we are aware of. Expressing symbols shows what a person is going through, it might also give us a symbol related to their problems.
The relationship that Jung establish among symbols, dreams and the unconscious is as a symbolic image. They all contain an indefinite number of unknown factors that might end up disclosing different kind of meanings under it.
In Jung’s perspective it is natural to have a divided self because we all have different meanings about different things in reality. Also, Jung thinks that it is natural to have divided self because every experience contains of different points.
Primitive people often feel an unconscious identification with another person or object because they have the most common mental disagreements that occur which is called “the loss of a soul.” This characteristic of primitive people is relevant to modern people and their personal identity issues because they both suffer from divided personality.
Jung supports his claim by talking about Sigmund Freud and based on his conclusion neurotic symptoms are related to some conscious experience. He also mentions Freud’s perspection related

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