Essay On Soldiers Wages

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Drew Stearman
Mr. Chapman
Eng. 106
2 February, 2016
The Clash of Helmets The men and women in the military fight hard to protect our country. Countless lives are lost and families torn apart. These people are seen as heros to our country, men and women that will sacrifice anything and everything to keep their loved ones safe. However, once these heros come back from overseas, they are often greeted with no job opportunities, and sometimes no income. These people, these heros, are living a lower class life than someone else who wears a different helmet on their head; professional football players. It is a fact that professional football players earn far more money than our military. (Claim of fact) On a moral ground, people will often agree
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It is practically absurd that our country is willing to pay the NFL players more money than the people who are making it possible for them to get paid in the first place. Without our military force, our country may not even be in the state where these football players get paid as much as they do, yet the soldiers are the ones suffering from this. A quick look online can find hundreds of people talking about how sickening it is for our veterans and current active duty soldiers to be paid so little, yet almost nothing is done about this. Although, how could something truly be done, our country is centered around business and the economy, and our military simply does not fit into that. Our country was built around the idea of business, and with that comes a price, which is that our military cannot receive as much of an income, no matter how immoral it is. Even though our soldiers are getting paid less, that does not mean that actions can not be taken to help this. People should be putting forward an effort to help these soldiers, such as many Americans across the country are doing. There are many small organizations across this country that are helping veterans with financial aid, something that they should not need in the first place. Soldiers who risk their lives to protect a country should not have to struggle to find a job or income, they should be rewarded for the services they already gave this country; our
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