Essay On Someone Is Always Watching

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Someone is Always Watching Do you ever feel like you are being watched or followed, feels a little creepy right? That is exactly what is happening every time you log into one of the many social media sites offered via the world wide web. Some users say that if you aren’t doing anything wrong, what does it matter if our every move is being tracked and recorded. It matters because our privacy is being violated, having privacy is one of our basic human rights. When we sign up on social media we knowingly give up that right as Kent Anderson, author of “People are Willing to Trade Less Privacy for Access to Social Media”, writes, “ Social networks are based on sharing information, so anyone using such a network is automatically accepting …show more content…

When social media sites first started the users had lots of control over what others could see and how published information would be distributed, however as time and user numbers have increased companies found it profitable to sell certain information and demographics to paying companies. These companies are the ones paying to keep social media sites up and running. Someone must financially support the growing social media companies and since it is free to users, marketing companies are paying for our history and surfing information. While that may be the best solution for these social media companies it is not the best solution for users. There should be an option to pay for use instead of being tracked and stalked. After all what is the price of privacy? While not everyone would take advantage of this privacy ‘buyout’ the option should be available. Even without that option, it should be the user’s decision to either accept that data tracking is happening, or have it turned off for the general profile. Before you enter a site that tracks and sells browsing history there should be a warning label of sorts. As social media companies continue to increase both the size of their market, and

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