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Marion County Schools are lacking in many aspects of their school district; however, one of the most severe problems that Marion County is facing, is the lack of materials to effectively educate their students. These schools are lacking updated technology, enough textbooks for all students, and other miscellaneous materials that would help provide extra help with grasping state required objectives. Not being able to provide students with all the above, keeps students from achieving at a state acceptable average when compared to other schools near them. The purpose of this paper is to accurately identify the needs of Marion County School district by using a need analysis. Also, the writer will explore and explain the learner’s …show more content…

A comparative need is almost identical to a normative need; however, it comes into play when the target audience is compared to another peer audience that is like it in a various amount of ways. Lastly, a felt need is the desire of an individual to want to be better in its performance when compared to its peers.
Needs Analysis
Due to this school district lacking in the necessary materials to effectively educate their students, much of the student body has fallen below average in their state issued, end of the year exams. Because this has become so common, it has caused Marion County Schools to perform poorly when compared to their peer schools in South Carolina. Educators have pleaded and complained about additional funding to be released so that they are able to appropriately do their jobs in educating, and have been ignored. Many teachers have even gone so far as to move to other districts that are not struggling financially; leaving students in the urban counties to suffer and fail at objectives that they never received a fair advantage against, from the beginning.
Learner’s Characteristics for the Identified Need Before creating and implementing a learner analysis, it is critical for any curriculum builder to first identify the characteristics that are of the most importance to the achievement and success of the different teaching or training objectives. In Heinich, Molenda, Russell and

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