Essay On Sports And Sports

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Sports and religion are things that can go together in many ways. Sports were founded on religion and were kept strong by religion. Now sport is taking over as religion almost in today's world. Sports can promote things that are not necessarily right according to God but we participate anyway. While how the mind and body are connected give another way of how sport is. Finally, we see that sports in a modern context have changed greatly and are ritual heavy one would almost say idolic. Religion and sports are both here to stay and they really are a way something that can unite everyone.
Sports have been around for as long as man can remember. Sport though was something that had a religious meaning behind it. Sports were used as a way to express your religion and have a group of people follow you with it. In ancient Greece you had the olympics and with that meant people would be willing to die for their beliefs as many fights would break out during sport. In Tertullian’s “On Spectacles” he takes a look at sports in his time to see the the interconnectedness with religious beliefs and rituals. Tertullian noticed that the sports were idolised. This meant that sports were going against God. Idolatry was something that could have been a crime in his time but nothing seemed wrong with sports and their idolic ways. Tertullian states that athletes would wear specific colors honoring the elements of nature, of course though this was condemned by God. Tertullian points out how many

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