Essay On Stalin's Repressions In Russia

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The first victims of Stalin’s repressions towards non-Russians, were the Soviet Koreans in 1937. The first Koreans to arrive in Russia were traders in the early 1850s but the first Koreans to settle in the far eastern territory were thirteen families in 1863. Koreans did not begin to arrive en masse to the Far East until 1866. As a result of poor conditions and crop yields in the Hamgyong region, a severe famine forced Korean families to cross the border into Russia where there were better conditions for agriculture. Entire villages moved into the Russian territory and another 500 Koreans crossed the Russian-Korean border in 1867. Most of those who arrived were peasants with barely any possessions. As the arrived, the Russian government offered them…show more content…
During World War I, Koreans fought in and alongside Russians When the Bolsheviks first came to power,
The relative independence of soviet Koreans in Russia was threatened by the rise of Japanese imperialism in the 1920s. As Japan was looking to build an empire in Asia, the was concern among
Although rumors of Korean spies persisted, there was no full condemnation of soviet Koreans until 1937. On April 23rd and July 9th of that year, state paper Pravda published an article, “Foreign Espionage in the Soviet Far East”, which warned of acts of espionage committed by Chinese, Koreans, and Russian White Guardists, but singled out Koreans on the Russian-Korean border in the initial article before detailing acts of espionage committed by Chinese and Koreans as agents of Japan in the July 9th.
The relocation of Soviet Koreans began in September 1937. On August 21st, 1937, Stalin and chairman of the Ministry of People’s Commissars Vyacheslav Molotov approved and signed Resolution No. 1428-3266cc, which declared that all Soviet Koreans be relocated Soviet Koreans away from the eastern regions and away from Japanese influence. The decree declared
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