Essay On Stigma Of Mental Illness

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Remedying the Stigma and the Patients Since the 1950’s, or perhaps even long before, the mentally ill have been victims of misjudgement and prejudice. In the 15th century, women were accused of witchcraft and hung because of what is now known as hysteria. Mental illness is one of the most unspoken and wrongly perceived topics in American society. One of the most common mental illnesses is depression, affecting more than 16 million adults each year (Mental Health America). So how can such a common disorder be looked down upon? Many people still have misconceptions regarding treatment and general signs of depression. Schizophrenia is an even more harshly judged disorder that, when treated, allows people to lead normal lives. These disorders are only a fraction of the common, treatable mental illnesses that are feared and misunderstood. There should be more positive awareness for mental health treatment because there is a large negative stigma associated with psychiatric facilities and patients, there is little public knowledge to redirect this negativity, and misconceptions prevent the ill from being treated. For the mentally ill, there is a terrible fear of entering…show more content…
This is a very typical response to mental health disorders because people fear them. It is believed that if things are not talked about or seen, then they do not need to be discussed. Mistreatment and misinformation like this prolongs the fight for understanding to be won. Stigma is a sign of ignorance and misjudgement and will not improve without public
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