Essay On Syrian Refugees Crisis

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Civics Essay: Canadian Response to the Syrian Refugee Crisis
Since the Syrian uprising of 2011 against the Al-Assads who have been ruling Syria since 1960, Canada has done everything they can to support the Syrian people. Syria has become the top source of refugees because of the civil war that is happening within Syria between the citizens and the government. The citizens of Syria are now trapped between regime, rebel groups, religious extremists. There are in total, of over 4 million Syrian refugees trying to flee their home as of 2015 because of the cost of living, the civil war, and the rise of jihadists terrorist group ISIS/ISIL. According to the United Nations, 13.5 million people inside Syria need help, including 6.5 million who have been displaced within Syria. It is estimated that there are over 250 000 people who have died in the conflict, with thousands of others wounded. Syrians have fled to camps in neighbouring countries such as Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey and they are taking care of almost 95% of the refugees. Thousands more have journeyed to Europe in search of a better life. Canada’s newly elected Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has promised to take in 25 000 Syrian refugees this year alone. Some Canadian …show more content…

I think that this is what makes him a good leader, and the right person to run this country. He can make tough decisions and if he can’t solve the problem the way he wants he finds a way to solve it so that he can please Canadian citizens but still solve the issue in some way. I don’t think that the Syrian refugee crisis to be solved by just one country I think the world needs to come together and solve it as a whole but Canada has played a very big role in this issue and it all started when Justin Trudeau was voted Prime Minister in the last

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