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The authors are researchers at Rand Corporation, tasked with providing a detailed report on state and local intelligence regarding the war on terrorism. Their purpose is to provide succinct analysis on the current standards of local and state authorities in countering terrorism. The report argues that there are few detailed documents on state and local law enforcement agency (LEA) counterterrorism activities. This report fills such a gap in the field of research. The authors argue that federal level intelligence systems remain disorganized and contend that state and local law enforcement intelligence gathering is crucial in combating terrorism. The report details a survey on LEA preparedness activities on terrorism, authorizations on …show more content…

These allow states to tailor a fusion center to their local concerns and effectively integrate centers to existing local agencies and priorities. Also, the authors asserted that many local and state LEA intelligence capabilities were subpar of nonexistent, describing in one example that intelligence support centers were usually staffed by clerical people with barely any formal intelligence analysis training. The article is useful to my paper through its evaluation of intelligence fusion centers. Understanding the limits and weaknesses of having a multi-level agency coordination center versus local and state LEAs enables me to decide on a persistent need for more resources and training for local authorities when dealing with Lone Wolf Terrorism.

2. Bakker, Edwin, and Beatrice De Graaf. "Preventing lone wolf terrorism: Some CT approaches addressed." Perspectives on Terrorism 5, no. 5-6 (2011).

Prof. Edwin Bakker and Prof. Beatrice de Graaf are professors at Leiden University. In addition, they are also fellows at the International Center for Counter-Terrorism, based in The Hague. The scholars describe in their article, the concept of Lone Wolf Terrorism. They argue that Lone wolf operators are difficult to categorize, inferring a need to focus more on the modus operandi of lone wolves, rather than the profiles of the terrorist. This source is relevant to my paper as it describes the challenges of dealing with Lone Wolf Terrorism, a recent and growing threat in the

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