The Organization Structure Of Gosh

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This is the organisation structure of GOSH which explain the management which is the chief executive called Dr Peter Steer which keeps control over the executive team; • Dr Vin Diwakar, Medical Director who main responsibility is to provide a good and strong leadership in the improvement of clinical research his responsibility might also be to make a strategic programmes for the future to improve GOSH e.g. he might suggest to make some event to collect money for more rooms in hospital to help more children because the hospital has not enough places and the number of children which need help increases. • Juliette Greenwood, Chief Nurse ; CNOs have a responsibility to ensure that all the nurses are working efficiently in order to help and make welcome the chirdren.He is a leader for all the nurses and nurse managers, facilitating the design of the hospital to make it more friendly to children e.g. colourful for children to feel more welcome and happy. So his responsibility is to the delivery of patient care, recommending strategies to improve services. • Dena Marshall, Interim Chief Operating Officer; She talks on the meeting and inform the CEO what is happening in GOSH and is responsible for everything what happen in the GOSH so every important information is inform to her. • Claire Newton, Chief Finance Officer; Claire responsibility is to keep control over the GOSH finance to make sure that all the investments are spend it correctly because she is deciding where the

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