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The definition of the 1970's is "Afros and feathered perms: Earth tones and platforms" according to Light (Light). During the 70's many historical events occurred, for example the Watergate Scandal. Many types of media were influenced by the history of the 70's including music. Music and history had often been put together to express people's feeling towards events. In the 1970's music was affected by the Watergate Scandal.

Many historical events took place in the 70's, for example, Elvis Presley passed away, the Kent State University shootings, and the United States pulling out of the Vietnam War. Although those were all important events they did not affect America like the Watergate Scandal. The Scandal had influenced Nixon to resign …show more content…

New types of music were being made, new artists were being famous, and concerts became bigger and better. Music of the 70's was "evolving from a combination of rhythm and blues, country and pop music" (Stewart 76). Many new genres had been made and people added their own twist to music as the 70's went on. Rock and roll was a huge thing in the 70's along with disco, heavy metal, pop, and more. More and more people began listening to rock that "for the first time in its history, large numbers of people began to think that maybe rock and roll really was here to stay; that it could grow and become an artistic medium that could adapt to its aging audience as well as continue to attract young fans who would remain the lifeblood of the music" (Stewart 77). Although rock was a big thing in the 70's, "no other style of music, however, says "1970's" quite as much as disco" (Stewart 86). More and more people began to think disco was here to stay but by 1980 disco was everything but dead. The 70's music is the decade that started the music about relationships, feelings, and ambitions. There were songs also about war, whether they be pro-war or anti-war. Music of the 70's had a major effect on what people listened to, and music that was made in the decades before and

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