Essay On The American Dream A Reality

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In modern society the idea of the American Dream, is perceived differently by each and every person. The American Dream is considered to be a life of personal happiness and material comfort as traditionally sought by individuals in the U.S. The two ways that the American Dream can be perceived is as a dream in which that cannot be reached, but also in the way that this so called dream can be made a reality. Today, most people do not work as hard as they used to and strive to reach that point of making this so called dream a reality, but there also is that small portion of people that strive to make that dream a reality. Throughout today’s society, there are multiple ideologies about this so called American Dream. Many people in society strive and try to make this dream a reality. These people work day in and day out, so that they can reach the personal and material happiness that they desire. This dream cannot be just achieved in one day, and must be worked for. Making this dream a reality, allows for a person to build multiple personal …show more content…

The other side would suggest that the American Dream is simply just a dream, and only something that one can think about reaching, but not fully achieve. One of the reasons a person would not be able to make this dream a reality is due to poverty. According to an article dealing with poverty in America, “Approximately 15%, or 1 out of every 6 people in the United States are living in poverty” (McDonald). It is sad to say but, people that are in poverty are usually looked at differently. One downfall to being looked at as lower person by others is, not having the same job opportunities as everyone else. These people are not even given a chance to try and better their lives so, it would make sense that they look at the American Dream, as only a dream and not something that could be made into a

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