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In the book, The Boy In The Striped Pajamas, by John Boyne, a boy named Bruno makes a life changing discovery that will impact his life forever. Sometimes in life you meet a special person who leaves a big impact on you. Bruno’s father was a part of the concentration camps at Auschwitz. Little did Bruno know, his father was the cause of the many deaths of innocent people. Bruno then moves from his hometown Berlin to a house right next to the camps, where he soon makes a huge discovery. The first main challenge Bruno had was leaving all his friends, his school, his house, his everything, to a place in the middle of nowhere. Bruno had to adapt to this new house that was in a desolate wilderness. When Bruno first got there, he was unsure of …show more content…

Little did he really know what those camps actually were. Although, Bruno was very adventurous, so he went in the woods to see what was really out there, ignoring what his mother and father had told him about exploring. As he went on exploring he found something, in fact it was a little boy. “He was just sitting there, minding his own business waiting to be discovered… The boy was smaller than Bruno and was sitting on the ground with a forlorn expression… He wore the same striped pajamas that all the other people on that side of the fence wore…” (Boyne 106). Shmuel is the little boys name. As they begin to talk more they find out they have the exact same birthday, “April the fifteenth nineteen thirty-four.” (Boyne 109). They talk more and get to know each other better and become great friends. One day Bruno sees Shmuel polishing the glasses and dishes inside Bruno's house. He stops and says hello and realizes how fatigue Shmuel looks. He says, “‘Our hands,’ he said. ‘They’re so different. Look!” (Boyne 167). Shmuel's hands were deteriorating and Bruno's hands were healthy and lively. Bruno felt bad for him so he gave him some food. When all of a sudden Lieutenant Kotler storms in and scolds Shmuel. Kotler asks, “Have you seen him before? Have you talked to him? Why does he say you’re his friend?...” then

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