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Roman was lounging on the couch when it happened. Everything was fine, until he thought about Parker. The new living situation wasn’t as fear-mongering as he thought it would be, yet there were still tensions. They were all still slightly worried as Parker settled in, but were trying to hold it together so they wouldn’t trigger anything. Parker was...interesting, to say in the least. With all their history, it was surreal with him back in their lives now. Dealing with his absence for two decades to having him be sleeping next door felt unreal. It would have been unimaginable even a couple weeks ago, and yet that was their reality now. Then there was the whole drama of Parker escaping his prison, only to put the other through the same …show more content…

Roman briefly glanced over, barely acknowledging the presence of the other side. “I-I don’t—” Logan took a (slightly shaky) breath to steel his nerves. “May I touch you?” Roman look confused, then gave a jerk of his head that passed as a nod. Crouching down, Logan took one of the Prince’s hands and placed it on his chest. “Okay, we’re going to go through some grounding exercises to get you feeling calmer. Can you breathe in deeply?” A shuddering breath, then a slower exhale. “Good. Now, repeat.” They continued on until Roman was breathing fairly regularly, but he was still far from his normal rambunctious self. “Roman, could you do me a favour?” Another nod. “Can you name five things you can see?”
 The Prince looked anxiously around the room. “Um, you, the-the TV, the, uh, carpet, table, and-and the blinds over the window.” “Four things you can feel, now.” “Your h-hand, my shirt, the couch, and...exhaustion.” Logan cracked a smile. “Yes, that I can imagine.” They continued through the grounding exercise until Roman was sitting up and didn’t look quite so pale. Logan summoned a glass of water, which Roman chugged gratefully. “I know I’m not the best at dealing with emotions, but I am curious—do you know what exactly triggered the attack?” Roman put his head in his hands, mumbling something incoherent. “I’m sorry; I didn’t catch that.” Roman raised his head and said, “Parker.” “What about Parker? I know our situation is going

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