Essay On The Heart Of Life

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Dry humor was all that she had. What else did Shannon have to protect herself emotionally? It certainly wasn’t experience with loss, ninety percent of the people who died that she cared about, she hadn’t seen or been around for. All the deaths she’d seen had been scientists and military. While she liked those people, they weren’t necessarily her friends or anything. They had always maintained some strange relationship that involved a safe emotional distance. She’d been attached for sure, in the same way anyone would be because they’d spent three years together.

California was a long way away, and she had no idea what anyone would want with it. Then again, she hadn’t exactly been up on the survivor gossip. “One of the few labs still
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The blonde scientist just let it go, and rest her head back on the window, eyes closing again.

Once the car doors closed she had the gun out, resting it in her lap. She counted the bullets quickly (three), and then made sure it was loaded before moving a little bit away from the car window. After a few moments she glanced over at Murphy, who seemed obviously uncomfortable. “Are you armed?” It took a bit of consideration, and then she offered him the gun, grip facing him because she was a polite woman. “Here.” He seemed not to like the situation or her, and the best way to offer some confidence was probably to offer the weapon. “After the lab fell, we spent a lot of time just… sitting in cars while the military escort cleared wherever we were going to be staying. They used to tell us to stay away from the windows, hold still, and don’t use the gun until the window is already broken.” She found a spot that was comfortable enough to just relax, and wait. She opened her mouth to offer up something else, but ended up not doing so. The man didn’t seem all that interested in hearing what she had to say so she’d keep it to herself.

When the car door opened her shoulders tensed a little bit, and then she relaxed again. She was out the door quickly, following along after Doc with a prompt sort of obedience. She took and carried what was handed to her without protest, and then headed towards the farmhouse.

“I’ll find a spot on the floor,” Shannon piped up, once
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