Essay On The Modern English Period

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As Old English and Middle English period, the Modern English Period is linked to several historical events, changes and inventions. Defining changes from one period to another vary a lot; therefore it is important to mention some of them which are part of Modern English. The Early Modern English Period is dated from 1500 to 1800. As we have seen Modern English has developed a vocabulary of great extent and richness that is drawn from many other languages of the world. It has few inflections but its syntactic rules are presumably as intricate as those of any language. Its verbal system represents great complexities on making delicate distinctions. It is a concrete and also abstract language, whereas its spelling is fairly irregular even though…show more content…
Those are also the main historical events that mark the beginning of this new era. In the time of Tudor Dynasty an intellectual revolution hit London during the reign of Henry VIII, the scholars that he sent to Italy learned Latin and Greek languages, which they taught in the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge. Books were available throughout the country, and they brought the Renaissance in England, while encouraging the study of sciences, philosophy, literature and arts. Thus the rise of the Tudors in England and the Renaissance all over opened a new chapter of "Modern Age" in the History of England. During the Renaissance many positive developments took place in Europe and especially in England. The English people became more united and trusted more on their own Church, a spirit of nationalism spread all over England. The English language, literature and people were becoming more distinctive. Many new words and phrases entered English and Shakespeare as one of the most famous writers of the world then and now, created a tremendous number of new words which is estimated to be around 34.000 (thousand) new words. Nowadays many students having difficulty understanding Shakespeare would be surprised to know that he wrote in "modern
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