Essay On The Movie The Chrysalids

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Discrimination is one of the world’s biggest problems right now. In the Movie The X-Men and the book The Chrysalids they show a wide variety of different types of discrimination. Discrimination comes in different ways from verbally to physically. The theme of discrimination against mutants shows throughout the Book and Movie as Humans Vs Mutants. If you take a glance at The Chrysalids book and then take a glance at The X-Men movie they seem that they don’t have anything a like, but if you look in deeper into the story they have a lot of similarities. Both the X-Men Last Stand directed by Brett Ratner and the book “The Chrysalids” written by John Wyndham Have many similarities. The characters, Themes, and actions the society takes upon …show more content…

David strorm and Professor X has a Different view of mutants then other people they look at mutants as Normal people. Therefore the characters from both X-Men Last Stand and The Chrysalids both have similarities. The X-Men and The Chrysalids show a relating theme of isolation and change. In the movie X-Men the people in the city are isolating the mutants because everyone wants mutants gone and they do not want mutants in their life. The mutants live a separate life than the normal people in the city mutants hang out with mutants and humans hangout with humans, the mutants have their own school and the humans also have their own school two separate breeds living in one city. The telepathic people are isolated because of their special ability. The waknukians see the telepaths special abilities as a danger and a threat to the humans in Waknuk. When the people in Waknuk find out about them having telepathic ability or being a mutant they have to flee the country. When Sophie’s mom said “We would have to go if anybody ever found out”.(Pg.46) When Alan found out about the six toes Sophie and he family had to flee. Both people in Waknuk and the people in the city of X-Men do not want change they want to live in the old days where no one was accepted but the norm was accepted. People like Xavier and the Sealander woman both accept change. At last the theme of

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