Essay On The Papaschase People

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In 1876, the Papaschase people signed Treaty 6 with the Canadian government. They felt the need to sign Treaty 6 because because the United States killed off their food source. A few other events that happened are the settlements of the white, the USA wanting to take over Western Canada & the war between the Aboriginal people & the USA over territory in the south. The Papaschase people & the Canadian government wanted to avoid wars against the US. Because the US wanted to take over, the FN people signed the Treaty with the Canadian government. The FN people signed this treaty thinking they were gonna share land & govern their people together but the Canadian government saw this as an opportunity to westernize the FN’s, to make them “better”, & to…show more content…
They did this because they wanted to avoid wars & for the land to be claimed as Canadian property. If they didn’t, it would’ve been easier for the USA to take over since the groups are smaller & easier to manipulate. The US also couldn’t take over because of an agreement signed stating that if a country already claimed the land, they can’t take over. The FN’s were also trying to avoid conflict with the Canadian Gov’t. But what they didn’t know is that by signing this treaty, they would have to give up a lot of things that they weren’t willing to give up. Because of the language barrier, the agreements on the treaty were not very clear. The FN’s were forced into reserves, forced to go to residential schools, & were forced to speak a completely different language in school. Almost every aspect of their life changed, they couldn’t even go outside the reserves without the permission of the Indian Agents. They were also forced to change their names. In First Nation culture, it is very common to have a very long name. The agents got tired of writing their long names and gave them a white
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