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1.In the novella, The Pearl By John Steinbeck, the moral argument is that currency cannot buy happiness. He has the opportunity to have possession of a vast amount of riches but Kino never takes them, instead of selling the pearl and having anything he could possibly want, he gets insanely attached to the pearl the point where he almost goes crazy. He chooses the pearl over almost everything, but thankfully Juana and Juan Tomas realized how pure evil money (in this case, the pearl) can distribute into someone’s life so tremendously and unexpectedly. Kino experiences many different reactions after he discovers the pearl of the world and even has the chance to afford a doctor to tend to his son’s scorpion sting. However Kino ends up throwing…show more content…
Also when Kino had to flee Juana didn’t second guess it all. I guess what i’m saying is that Juana wants to help Kino but when she tries and Kino ignores her, she gives up and just goes along with Kino. Juana has a very submissive role, in my opinion, but if Juana wasn’t so submissive she could’ve snaffled Kino and made him do what she wanted which might not of ended up where Kino throws the the pearl back into the ocean. In this case, Juana is correct to be the person she is to Kino. She is very passionate and empathetic of Kino and how a certain amount of wealth can take control of someone. Both characters have a choice to act a certain way but someway, somehow they know that doing their part is the best thing for Kino in a time of crisis. 3. If you ask me the novella, The Pearl, is homogenous to the stereotype of the ‘American Dream’. I feel this certain way because the majority of modern day society, in America, dreams of growing up and becoming rich and famous either with acting or singing or even just running a business. Either way, people fear be homeless and living on the streets or even living in a shanty town because they know for a fact that the rest of society will look down on them and treat them differently from the wealthy, just like the storyline of The Pearl. In The Pearl Kino and Juana’s home is located where all the lacking and destitute others live. The doctor and the pearl
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