Essay On The Road Not Taken

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The Road Not Taken is a narrative poem which includes four stanza of five lines written by Robert Frost, an American poet, in 1916. Frost got an inspiration from his close friend whose name is “ Edward Thomas “ while he was in England. The article is mentioned about the author’s real experiences when he was walking in the forest with Thomas and found that there were two routes he had to select one. At the end of the day, the writer decided to choose a route that not too many people pass and it had altered his life. This reflects to us that taking a risk is dangerous, but sometimes it's worth to take it. Additionally, Thank You, Ma’am is an American short story written by Langston Hughes, an American novelist, in 1958 . The story is referred …show more content…

One significant reason that can occur from choosing one path less traveled by is that wild animals can attack me and I may get heavily injured or even die because there is a few people can assist me if they saw the wild animals attack. Another vital reason that can occur from choosing one path less traveled by is that a criminal or even a gangster may assault me for stolen my money or priceful items. I concern about my safeness because if this thing happens it is not worth for life. As a result, taking the path that more people traveled by is more safety than taking the one path that less people traveled by.

All things considered, this essay demonstrates the distinctive story between The Road not Taken and Thank You, Ma’am. In addition, it also narrates the combination of these two story in terms of comparing each other from the feature characters of Mrs.Jones , Roger , and Robert Frost. At the end of this essay, I provide my opinion about choosing path decision from The Road not Taken. I think that this essay helps me to improve my idea , cultivate my English writing skills as well as know more deeply about these two

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