Essay On The Story Of An Hour

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10. Story of an Hour by Kate Chopin. In this section of the story Louise is finally realizing how good her life is going to be since she has just received news that her husband has passed. In the moment the narrator discusses how she pictured the days ahead of her to seem like a riot, before finding out her husband had supposedly died. This is when Louise finally realizes she will now have the freedom she's always wanted. It seems like she is so excited that she feels like she may not be able to handle all these days that she will have to herself. 2.Story of an Hour by Kate Chopin. During this part in the story Louise feels something that is attempting to possess her. It seems as if it is something bright is coming to her. As it approaches her she attempts to fight it off. However, when she attempts to do so she gets a feeling…show more content…
Mrs. Mallard Is the wife of Mr. Mallard and she finds out he have been killed in an accident. She immediately starts to feel the pain that any mourning wife would feel. However, when she's given some alone time with nature she realizes how free she is going to be. She feels this freedom because during this time women were controlled by their husbands and had very little say so. This is proven because when Mr. Mallard was supposed to be on the train he was somewhere else. She had no clue where he was, but she was at home. This show how much freedom he was given and how much freedom she wasn’t given. A connection with nature was also present when Louise sat in the chair with the window open. She started to hear singing and other sounds that made her realize she was free. She was so happy from knowing that the days ahead of her would be great that when her husband opened the door she had a heart attacks. The doctors claimed that it was from the joy of seeing her husband, however the audience knows what was really going on since they were the only people in the room with
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