Essay On Unpoisoning The Well

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Diversity was supposed to offer us respect and understanding. Yet somehow we ended up with so much resentment and confusion, so much division and discord, that for many, the project is ruined. The well of diversity has been poisoned. With a bit of effort and introspection, however, there is still great hope to pull off the impossible and unpoison the well and let diversity do the wonderful things it was supposed to do in the first place. Unpoisoning the Well, which is Part 4 of the four-part series Ourselves Among Others: The Extravagant Failure of Diversity in America and An Epic Plan to Make It Work, offers a game-changing plan to do exactly that. Drawing on real-world scenarios and offering a set of rules and guidelines that can be applied equally and fairly to ourselves and to others, this book concludes the series by offering an epic plan to reset diversity and push it in the direction it was always meant to go. …show more content…

Whether you are a business manager or a CEO, a new employee or a seasoned worker, a teacher or a student, this book offers something new for everyone in a field where almost nothing new has been offered in such a long time. Simply doing more and more of what we have been doing for so long, in the name of diversity and inclusion and equity, won't get us where we need to be. It isn't more diversity that we need. What we need is a better and different diversity, one that unpoisons the well, and one that works equally for all of us, whether among ourselves or among

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