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User Profiling: A Survey from Modeling to Personalization Abstract The growth of the available information on the web and the diversity of its users is a valuable resource for personalization. The user profile includes the essential information about the user and it is an outcome of the user profiling process. Building and maintaining dynamic user profile is the main challenge in developing an effective personalized application. Many research projects and companies are interesting in developing modeling systems and personalizing user’s interaction with the system. We examine what information is being modeled for presenting various user models, how this information is acquired and collected, how the user model is represented and …show more content…

It may include demographic information, e.g., name, age, country, education level, etc. and should capture the behavior (patterns, goals, interesting topics, etc.) of a user shows when interacting with the Web. User modeling is defined as the process of gathering information about user’s interests, constructing, maintaining and using user profiles. For example in e-business systems, it captures online users’ characteristics, knows online users, provides customized products and services, and therefore improve user satisfaction. There are two approaches in user modeling process. These are the generation of an initial user profile for a new user and the continuous update of the profile information to adapt user’s changing preferences, interests and needs. A major challenge within user profiling is how user profiles can be constructed that accurately reflects users’ preferences. User profiling techniques have widely applied in various web search, user-adaptive software systems, web user identification, personalization, recommendation, e-market analysis, intelligent tutoring systems, intelligent agents, as well as personalized information retrieval and filtering. The personalized systems require some information about users in order to learn and respond to their interests and needs. The motivation of building user profiles is that each system

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