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The leader of the Government under the Pharaoh was the Vizier. The Vizier was the Chief Overseer of the land, sort of like a Prime Minister. All of the other Egyptian officials were called by the Vizier.. The most well known Vizier was the first one, Imhotep. Imhotep built the first Pyramid in Giza and was later made into an egyptian god.
The rank under Vizier was being a Nomark. Nomarks were like local governors. Nomarks ruled over an area of land called a nome. A nome was like a state or province. Nomarks were called to by the Pharaoh, and the job of Nomarks were passed down to father to son.
Other officials that the Pharaoh called to were the army commander, the chief of treasurer, and the minister of the public works. We believe that Egyptian law was based on the basic concept of right or wrong, following the laws based on the concept of Ma'at. Ma'at represented truth, order, balance and justice in the universe, like the jury or a judge.
The verdict of guilty and not guilty was chosen by the common sense of right and wrong. The laws were based on the concept of Ma’at, the goddess who represented truth, order, balance, and justice.
The legal and administrative systems seem not to have worked well, and so at times anyone in an authoritative position may have made legal judgements.
Basically, the law didn’t really work well, and someone with the authority of legal judgement could …show more content…

Both of them had their own religion and the two kingdoms later became one. Their religions were mixed and combined into something else. Over the course of 3,000 years, their religions have changed alot. The Ancient Egyptians once believed that the world was flat and made from clay. The Pharaoh was considered man and god. Some gods represented truth and balance of the universe. The other gods and godesses had a job or role of everyday life, and existence of Ancient Egyptians. Many temples were built to honor

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