Essay On Water Pollution In Hawaii

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Hawaii fresh water pollution
Sometimes, when people say the Earth, people say it is the planet of water because 70 percent of elements are water in the Earth and it is the only planet that has water in the Universe. However, 99 percent of water is salt water and people cannot use it for people’s life. The only 1 percent of water can be used for people’s life. People live with water and people need the water for people’s life, so people should protect the water and people should prevent water pollution.
When something is added to fresh water that makes it unclear and unsafe, it is called fresh water pollution. In Hawaii, there are two big types of fresh water pollution. One type is point source water pollution and the other type is nonpoint source water pollution. Nonpoint source water pollution is important to Hawaii and other nations because according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, nonpoint source pollution is now the single largest cause of the deterioration of our nation's water quality.
There are three types of nonpoint sources water pollution and it can be causes of fresh water pollution in Hawaii. The three types and causes of nonpoint source water pollution are pathogens, toxic contaminants, and trash..
The first is pathogens, pathogens are disease-causing microorganisms that come …show more content…

One way is avoiding using goods made from petroleum. If people should not use goods made from petroleum and scientists would make new technology instead of petroleum, Hawaii people can protect fresh water or can release pollution from petroleum and toxic contaminants. Another way is making strict laws and heavy fines. These are needed for factories and people who polluted fresh water. This deterrent in turns helps to protect Hawaii water from the damages. Other easy way is people should properly dispose of people's

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