Essay On Why I DonT Have Children

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I couldn't count the times that various people have asked me if I 'have children'. I answer "no" and I either get a look of pity or amazement. Depends on the person. Some have no reaction. At that juncture in the conversation, I feel the need to explain why I don't have kids. My reaction is thus so because of their question "why?" or for some reason I have a guilty feeling about my statement. Why the guilt feelings...?
In my opinion, society expects all women to have a child (or several) in order to meet a 'meaning of existence' and fulfillment. I believe that all women do not have the same consensus. Some women actually choose 'not' to have children! I am one of those women and have decided to write this article on the subject and in …show more content…

I enjoy them all but am usually glad to see the younger ones go home. My husband and I pretty much come and go as we please and it's a lot easier making arrangements with someone to feed the dogs, cats and chickens than it is to take care of the kids.
Acting upon that natural feeling, she has never had children. I share the same viewpoint, as my past experiences are similar. Seeing other people's children never really made me want to have my own. True enough, they are adorable as babies, but most of God's creations are! At this point, don't misunderstand me since I do enjoy interacting with lots of my friend's children. They can be fun and at the same time, make me glad I chose not to pursue raising a child.
In this life's journey, I chose a relationship with a guy that supported my decision not to have children. He has one child from a previous marriage and I'm perfectly content with that. Being a step-Mom is really like taking the easy way out. I didn't have to give birth or raise the child, but still have a great relationship with a wonderful girl that is SO much like her Dad! So, I had no influences to deal with from that prospective. This is a good thing for me.
Most of my women friends had the main job of raising their children with hardly any help from their male counterpart/contributor of sperm, who inevitably thought it was 'cool' to have a child. And of course it was 'cool' for them, since

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