The NO-BABY BOM Summary

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THE NO-BABY BOOM, by Anne Kingston, published in March 2014 was about the social infertility rates of twenty-first century women. Kingston uses credible evidence that shows that she wants to promote awareness and change the perception of how society views the topic of infertility. The way Kingston presents the information to the reader is by providing statistics, personal stories, and her personal opinion on the idea of the “childless” mother. Readers this is most likely to appeal to is people who are struggling with infertility. The concern and values throughout this article is the infertility rate of women and the way it affects their life styles. The reason that Kingston published this article is to let people become more aware of the …show more content…

The article THE NO-BABY BOOM was published in 2014 making the information in the article more up to date which makes the information seem more believable and gives the reader a better feel of infertility. The article is newer and causes an eye opening reality to the audience reading it. What is going on the article is the infertility rates in women are down and Kingston states it is more of a social condition rather than a medical condition What is going on now in 2015 is that people are coming out about infertility. People are making it more aware to the public rather than keeping it to themselves. When you first look at the title THE NO-BABY BOOM you would expect you would be reading about the baby boom era from the 1940’s to the 1960’s. But instead it is about women not having children. The article is more drawn to the emotional and social negative side effects of women who are infertile. In the article Kingston states, “how women who do not have children are more “career driven” which would mean as women we would have chosen work over love, marriage, and children.” (Kingston 2014). Teacher Catherine-Emmanuelle Delisle says she really loves children enough to devote her life to them. Just because a woman cannot have a child does not mean she is a

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