Essay On Wind In Golf

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Have you ever thought about how far a golf ball goes with wind? If you play golf you should know that how hard you hit the golf ball is how far it will go. With wind it will go 10-20 feet shorter than without wind, it all depends on how fast the wind is going. Why this needs to be explored is because it is important for golfers to know how much shorter the golf ball will go with wind, also other people might want to know that and how hard you hit the ball. You will need to research things to know these things so that is why I researched how a golf ball is made, how far a golf ball will fly with wind, and how fast the wind is going.
The first thing that I researched was how a golf ball is made. I found out that a golf ball has a solid rubber core and covered with thermoplastic. The dents in the golf ball is for aerodynamics which means to make the golf ball move more smooth and go farther. It also is white so it does not overheat so then
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It is because 60% of where the ball goes is caused by wind. That is why you need to know how fast the wind is going, because then you know which direction to hit the ball. You also need to know which direction the wind is going, because it will make the ball go in a different direction. You should also know If it is humid or not, because if it is, it might cause rain. I think that this is important because you need to know all about the wind that is happening where you are.
I researched how fast the wind will go, how far the golf ball flies, and how a golf ball is made. The reasons why I researched them was that they all are main things that a golfer should know. The problems I will have with this project is that I will have to be at a golf course, get a large fan, a golf ball or two, and a club. If I have the wind on the golf ball and I hit it, it might make a slice or a hook. Also to conclude this, I hope that I will make good shots and have fun doing my
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