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Yoga is the key to my harmony!
Yoga has been part of my life for the last 8 years and it has been a great experience. I have attended classes form variety of teacher and practiced variety of styles of yoga. I have had some great teachers and each of them have inspired me and motivated me in some way or other.
Yoga for me has been something which not only keeps me physically fit but has made me a grounded, level headed and a disciplined person. In general, I have always been a restless person with very little patience. Since I started practicing yoga I have developed lot of patience, discipline, flexibility, strength and I have been able to handle stress better than before and my bodily functions have improved a lot. I also believe yoga
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Unlike a gym, yoga teachers do not expect you to attempt a posture if you are unable to do so. If you are unable to do a posture you can attempt a modification or attempt only when your ability has improved. Yoga is not high intense like zumba or aerobics but rather a slow movement into a particular posture and holding the posture for a longer period of time with awareness of breathing. This immediately works on so many aspects of your body and mind. While holding particular posture for a longer time, we become aware of those muscle that are involved and their limitations and we can start to focus on that section and plan towards its improvement. Thus, yoga is all about knowing your own limits and not overdoing it either. If you do push yourself beyond your limits, you are likely to end up with a pulled muscle or some injury or other. I learned a lot about my body only after practicing yoga. Even though I had been going to the gym for quite some time before I started yoga, I never thought about my body in a deeper sense until I started practicing yoga. This slow movement and holding of postures helps you to introspect about yourself and focus on your body than at the outer word around you. One could say that with yoga, you do not compete with anybody and but rather only with
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