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Dear prime minister Justin Trudeau,
I am a student in the Business and Society program at York University, and I am making a personal follow up on the issue of climate change in Canada.
As a fellow Canadian, I am concerned about the environment in this country. We, humans, destroy this beautiful environment more each day without any guilt within ourselves. I am writing to you to explain in simple terms that we must take responsibility of our environment. The main issue that I would like to address to you about is climate change and other environmental problems. Climate change is any significant change like temperature, precipitation or wind patterns in the measures of climate that last for an extended period over several decades through …show more content…

The Liberal party built four pillars; pricing carbon pollution; to reduce emissions in each sector of the economy; adapting to climate change; and supporting clean technologies, innovation, and jobs. According to reports, the Paris agreement was a wake-up call to the country. Canada has not met its 2020 climate commitments and sooner or later 2030 as well. From the gap between now and the 2030 target the Pan- Canadian Framework and the Canadian government should work hard to reduce its emissions as quickly as possible. An example of this would be reducing methane emissions from oil and gas since methane is a potent greenhouse gas it can make a significant effect on reducing the effect of climate change (Marshall, 2017). To keep in touch with the changes, we must report regularly on the progress and assess how programs that reduce carbon emissions are performing. The federal government must work harder to implement the climate policies and to ensure that the government is on track. Also, to reduce carbon emissions under the framework, you have created a low carbon economy to fulfill the g20 commitments and to protect communities from climate change.
By reducing greenhouse gas emissions and enhancing clean technology in North America it makes the foundation of our economy stronger. Clean technology is what delivers benefits to our environment and for our economy. By adjusting the Canadian expenses of tax deduction the liberals can redirect their

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