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It really all started a few years ago. When I was about 9 years old my aunt, a police officer, explained to me an amazing program that allows people from the ages 14 to 20 get involved with law enforcement and search and rescue with the Washington County Sheriff’s Office. Of course at the time I was not even close to being eligible to join so I waited. I waited so long that the excitement wore off a bit; that was until I could finally join. Eventually it was time for me to sign up which was a long and tedious process involving background checks and paperwork getting notarized. After about 40 pages of paperwork, we had a math test, interview, and physical fitness testing. The first fitness test was no problem, we did as many pushups as we …show more content…

The thing that we technically did wrong was walking on of the dirt instead of the sidewalk. The entire time I was at SARTA they were picking out all the small little details of things that we weren't doing right and burning us for it in order to teach us discipline. Some exercises that we had to do were push ups, squats, flutter kicks, running, and planks. Usually the exercises would have been easy for most of us, but since we were under so much stress it made it a lot more challenging to do things that would usually be feasible for us. the reason that they did this was to put us under pressure and teach us how to stay calm in a stressful situation. We then got time to go to our tents to set up our things and change into our uniforms. All of our uniforms were white t-shirts that had our last names printed on them, jeans, and hiking boots. Between everything we did we went into formation. Of course, it being our first day, we didn't set up our cots right. That resulted and being burned again. During lunch, in order to get our food we had to recite the definition and guiding principle of one of the 7 core values verbatim. The core values we learned were integrity, courage, selflessness, humility, compassion, respect and honor. When we went through the line, an officer would give us one of

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