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Prior to this enrolling in WRTG 107, my writing skills were not awful, but they were definitely not college level. After competing this specific assignment, I’m undeniably better at drafting revising and editing as a whole. On top of this, I'm most certainly a more analytical writer, and I’m glad that this assignment is part of the First Year Writing program.
Upon reading Cadwalladr’s article for the first time, I became extremely angered at our nation as a whole. I always assumed that most Americans pulled their information from credible sources, leaving the illegitimate ones at the bottom of the feed. No matter what traditional views on internet use is, it's hard to come to terms with the idea that our elections, among other things are
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However, on arrival, the faculty failed to devote adequate time and lessons directed towards strengthening these arguments, and enhancing the vocabulary around them. Luckily, I was mistaken. Our initial thoughts and words about Cadwalladers article played an integral part in this assignment. Throughout the assignment, we were tasked with completing multiple informal writings, allowing us to perfect our summarizing and analyzing skills. Initially, I always assumed that summaries were primarily made up of opinionated statements wrapped in nonsense. These sessions introduced me to a new approach at writing summaries. An approach that was great in detail and informative. After sticking to this template, I managed to receive a 98% on my first summary, and I wasn't finished there. There were several other assignments involving summary of different articles/media outlets, all of which I did unexpectedly well on. Reflecting on this process, I now realize that these intensive assignments, leading up to the final paper, have helped develop me into a better writer, specifically in summarizing different forms of literature. Alongside the many assignments based on summarizing , I was also tasked with analyzing work submitted by other students. These assignments gave me the opportunity to view documents unconventional to my

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