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I like doing great things for the server what that means is, if a player is in need of assistance, I am here to help. I also want to take responsibility of this rank and learn how to be mature with responsibility and goals to keep in mind. My goals are as follows, keep hackers and rule violators to a minimum, keep the server free of content that may make certain people feel uncomfortable and most of all, make the server fun for everyone! By receiving this position on the staff team, there is a better chance that we catch something that another staff may not. I hereby declare that when and if I receive this rank, I will protect Op craft's services from being abused. I will make it my main priority to keep Opcraft in check while also making…show more content…
If any other staff is requesting help, I can be there to fill in their position if they become AFK. If there is any drama or hacking going on and A player is in distress about it, I can teleport to them and record the hacker. If there is anyone on the server that would like people on the staff team to come and help them, I will always try to be the first one to respond. I will always enforce the rules and protect the integrity of the server. I will stay up all night if I have to to keep the server safe for everyone that joins. I am going to make sure I cause a good change for Opcraft. If I am promoted to this rank, you will all see hackers and advertisers decrease. I previously have learned what to do and what not to do as a staff member. I will treat everyone with respect and will be honest. Honesty is truly what is the most important when you are a staff member because when you're a helper you have to be proven that you can be trusted. If you can't be trusted then how is Opcraft supposed to promote you. The helper rank is basically a trial to see if you are able to become a staff. Normally all staff is trusted 100% other than the helper. Honesty is a way to prove to Opcraft that you can be trusted with higher permissions. Additionally, I will own up to any mistakes that I may cause if I become staff. Everyone makes mistakes and sometimes not all staff own up

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