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The year is 1953 and the war between the U.S and Canada is still ongoing. An airplane was flying over the Pacific Ocean on a late afternoon with ten passengers, eight were boys and the other two being the men who were flying the plane. Ahead of them was a medium-sized island thriving with trees and crabs, but there were also pigs on the island. The boys on the plane were aspiring to go to Australia to escape the war. While they were about a mile away from the island, something shot at the plane, causing both of the engines to rupture into flames. After twenty minutes, the plane had crashed into the island, creating a long scar on the left side of the island. The only surviving people were the eight boys who were petrified by the incident. …show more content…

"So who's going to be the leader," asked a ten-year-old boy whose name was Tim. There was a long, solemn silence until Zach broke it, saying, "We should have a vote." The boys were now looking at Zach ready to do what he said. "Raise your hand if you want um...Thomas to be the leader." No one raised his hand and from the fire, you can see that Thomas had flushed. "Ok, raise your hand if you want me to be the leader." Everyone raised his hand except for Thomas. It was clear to see that Zach was a born leader, for he had all the requirements to become a leader. He was handsome, tall, and smart, but not the smartest, but good enough to be a leader. "Then it has been declared. I'll be the leader and from tomorrow, I will decide what we will do. Now let's get some sleep." Then, in the next ten minutes, everyone was asleep. The next day, Thomas woke and saw Zach looking at the ashes of the fire thoughtfully. He was sitting on one of the putrid logs when he briskly said, "You can lead the people who will go hunting and I can come too." Thomas then quickly added, "Who will then stay and watch here?" "I'll make them all go. The more people, the more food. And besides, why would we need to stay and watch here for?" Thomas took a long time to think about this and then said, "Ok, then let's get our weapons to hunt." Thomas then proceeded to wake up all of the boys and in the next ten minutes, they all had wooden spears to hunt pigs with. They all went into

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