Essay Questions On Disobedience And Rebellion

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Jimmy Chen Mrs. Meador Honor’s English II 1 Dec. 2014 Rough Draft for Argumentative Essay Thoughts of disobedience and rebellion have existed for almost as long as the first law or rule that could be broken. These thoughts come naturally to us, being humans we are curious and we wonder, what would happen if we were to do something different, something off the beaten path. This curiosity has fueled, our evolution, our development to the beings that we are now. It has spawned the thoughts of morality and justice that caused the subject of this essay, civil disobedience. People, when they are dissatisfied, naturally become pent up and temperamental, a prelude to actions taken to resolve the dissatisfaction. Throughout history this element of human nature surfaced to be witnessed numerous times: riots, revolts, rebellions, civil wars, revolutions, and movements. Previously, we devolved to using violence and brute force to accomplish what we wanted but as time passed we evolved to be more civilized. Civil Disobedience, a way of expressing our dissatisfaction of the current situation by peacefully going against the status quo, has proven an effective and efficient agent of change because of the moral implication it imposes and the attention it garners. The spirit that drove civil disobedience by no means is something new. Some martyrs and saints from the past have expressed this spirit of nonviolence in accomplishing their goals. Jesus Christ, for example, is an excellent

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