Essay Title: Computer Revolution

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It is not very often that such a small inorganic object can drastically change our lives forever. Such a device that changes the way we work, live, and play is a special one, indeed. For over fifty years, a revolution has been taking place in the United States and the world. The personal computer has changed the way many people think and live. With its amazing versatility, it has found its way into every area of life, and knowing how to operate it is a requirement for today's world. If there were suddenly no computers on the world, there would be total chaos. People could not communicate, commute, make business transactions, purchase things, or do most things in their daily routine, because power plants use computers to control the…show more content…
"Humans were once considered to be superior to all other creatures of the Earth. The reason for human supremacy was the ability to think, process data, store information, and perform calculations"(Silver, 5). Until the second half of the twentieth century, nothing could perform these tasks faster and more accurately than the human mind. "Computers first became available in the early 1950s to be used as "super calculators" for processing numbers. Since then, computers have evolved into something far superior" (Deutschman 10).

Much of the reason for the rapid growth and popularity of computers was an increase in paperwork in business and government. People came to realize that the computer is the best, most efficient, timesaving tool to control information. In 1950 there were only a dozen or so large-scale computers in the United States. By 1975 the number had grown to 155,000. Soon after came the invention of minicomputers, microprocessors, and desktop computers. By the 1990s, a personal computer had grown to become a necessity in almost every home and business. In less than three decades, the computer has become indispensable to business, industry, government, in school, and home. Computer literacy is now considered as vital as learning to read and is to be taught to everyone. The influence of computer technology is evident in many aspects of society. Whether it is to help space exploration or processing checks or producing mailing labels, computers
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