Essay Who Is To Blame For The Death Of Romeo And Juliet

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Romeo & Juliet was a very tragic story of two lovers the ended up dead and there are a few people to blame. Firstly, I think Friar Lawrence the priest was to blame for the death because he came up with the idea to secretly save Juliet from getting married to Paris and instead to Romeo which didn`t work out. This is because Balthazar romeos friend who distracted romeo right before the letter was getting dilivered. the letter never got delivered to Romeo, if Balthasar went another day or time, romeo could of got the letter with the plan of what’s going on. I also think Capulet and lady capulet are to blame as well. This is because he had arranged for Juliet to get married to Paris who was nothing alike Juliet. If the father of Juliet would of just listened to her, but instead Capulet ignored Juliet and took decisions into his own hands when its Juliet’s marriage. That is why I thinkCapulet is the reason for the death. Lady Capulet and capulet could also if they had just listened to there daughter instead of thinking about themeselfs, then everything would have gone to plan. Lady Capulet and capulet is too busy worrying about there selves , and they are acting like they have no time for Juliet.

Another person that could be blamed for romeo and juliets deaths is first romeo and juliet immediately fall in love and they decide to get …show more content…

This is because he organised a secret marriage for Romeo, and with his words he was married. Friar also knew that their relationship was not going to last long, because they were two people from two different families. One a Capulet and one a Montague. Friar found out Juliet was going to marry Paris, and then he became a big man and took control, he made a plan that went totally wrong. This is why I think Friar is main culprit and the one to blame for the death of Romeo and

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