Essay Who Was Responsible For The Deaths Of Romeo And Juliet

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The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet is a book of fate and how everyone in the world affects the happenings of this world. The author of this extraordinary book is William Shakespeare. Although Romeo and Juliet killed themselves, there were many people responsible for their deaths. It is arguable that the parents of the two lovers, Friar Laurence, and Romeo and Juliet themselves were the most responsible, some could say that the other main characters like Mercutio, Benvolio, Tybalt, the Nurse, and Paris were involved as well. There were many people responsible for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet, although they took their own lives, they were not all to blame. The main reason this love was forbidden was because of the fighting between the parents, without this factor, they may have had a shot at a life together. It was quite obvious that the decisions not only affected the teens…show more content…
“I’m forcing open your rotten jaws, and in revenge I’ll cram you with more food!”(5.3.71-72) As Romeo is saying this, he is talking about how death had taken his love, and now he too will feed death by killing himself. This shows not only that it was his own intention to kill himself, but that it was Juliet's doing as well. If her and Friar had not of gone through with this not so thought out plan, Romeo would not have gone to the extent of killing himself, which moments later resulted in Juliet's death. On the other hand though, Juliet would not have had to find a plan at all if he would not have killed her cousin, Tybalt. They both made poor decisions on their part. When it comes down to it, sadly it was their own intent to die, even though everyone knows they would have loved to stay alive with each other. Both did not see the point of living though, if the other one was not there to live with them. Overall, there were many people involved for the death of the two lovers, but they were the ones that committed the
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