Essay of Definition-Social Pressures of School

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“Essay of Definition”-Social Pressures of School      Parents never really give their teens enough credit these days. A teens mistake is a parents reason to bring the whole world down on us. Support and comfort may be the only thing we teens want, but it’s the only thing most of us don’t get. Being a teen is one of the hardest periods of any single persons lifetime. Among all things, school; (specifically the hallways) is generally what stems all teen anxiety and stress.      The hallways of Olympic High School is one full of intense motions and movements. As soon as you enter the massive snake-like hallway, your world suddenly becomes a enormous jungle. Its either hunt or be…show more content…
You cant have a high school without nerds. Nerds however get the least attention, that is unless they are bound together. The sad truth is that nerds are usually the most outspoken. Walking up to them is like a taboo and could mean that your respect is lost from the “Popular” kids.      Probably the most pressure driven and intimidating of any High School Is the popular kids. Just being in the same general area of them can be excruciating. The sudden awareness you get as you walk up to them is very mind boggling. Every word you use is chose carefully and wisely. I cant imagine another time (besides job interviews) in you teenage life in which you watch every single word you say.      Throughout your 3 years of high school you witness a lot of emotions in these hallways. Tears of Happiness and pain from puppy love relationships are the most commonly seen. You can never go around one corner of the school without witnessing couples grasping on to one another as if these were the last few days before the world would come to an end. Occasionally fights are happening in the lunchroom and you never seem to keep your eyes off of them. These are just a few things that constantly go on everyday in our high school hallways.      Dealing with all the strains of the typical school day can be very stressful on us teens. Going home is suppose to be a comfort for all
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