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Technological advancements the last decades have contributed to the creation of a globalized era, with the English language as a common denominator, as the major language spoken between those who do not share any language.
Globalization have made it possible for an extreme output of popular culture that has mainly origins of English speaking countries with U.S.A. as the main exporter of popular culture through music, movies, television etc. In this essay I explore the positive aspects that using popular music in the classroom might potentially have. In my main issues I discuss the motivational aspects of popular culture, why teachers might feel insecure or unwilling to use the student 's personal interests of popular
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"They get enough of that at home":
Claims that pop culture does not belong in the classroom are outdated.
Teachers might feel a general unwillingness toward incorporating popular culture in the classroom and there are often several issues that create this point of view. teachers might not understand the contemporary popular culture of today’s youth and therefore project negative thoughts on what is popular, expressing ideas such as; children who are more interested in popular culture are not as bright as those who prefer reading. Teachers might also regard pop culture as contra productive for student’s creativity and reason that they get enough of input in their spare time (Lambirth, 2003). However, the teachers are not those who can fully take the blame for not wanting to incorporate popular culture in the classroom. The teachers are caught between the two strong influences, of the popular culture industry and those who create the educational policies (Lambirth, 2003) It might therefore be unfair to lay blame on teachers for not wanting to take a gamble on their jobs and career by using methods that does not follow their curriculum. Using popular culture in the subject demands some knowledge of current technology and in using media properly in the classroom. The teacher

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