Essential Components Of A Program Management

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Essential components to achieve excellence in project management can vary dependent upon the project, as a “One size fits all” tactic does not usually apply. While there are agreed upon theories, processes or life cycles of projects in the project management profession, the factors which determine the success of particular projects differ. Often, a feeling of effectiveness or achievement may outweigh budgeting and timing issues, for both the project team and the client, however upper management may not be satisfied with the outcome overall, resulting in a strange culture dynamic.
Best practices have been established in the project management communities, and adhering to these guidelines may enhance the large-scale, global organization of Global Infrastructure Group (GIG) of the “Let’s Go All the Way” case study, especially given the recent implementation of a program management office (PMO) (Staffan & Patanakul, 2010). More importantly, it is prudent to recognize that with any knowledge based discipline, such as project management, it is not a static curriculum, and the various bodies of knowledge (BoKs) require periodic updates (Shepherd & Atkinson, 2011). Therefore, even with the use of the current best practices, flexibility is the key to always being world renowned.
Components of Project Management System
CSU-Global (2013a) identifies that using a methodized and integrated approach in managing projects will help organizations to meet their strategic goals. With GIG’s use

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