Essential Oil Fragrances

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Recipes For All Sorts of Love Potions Do you know of anyone looking for an aprodisiac to spice up their love life? Phermone perfume, ground up rhino horn, eating shell fish and even chocolate covered grasshoppers have been fortold as aphrodisiaces. One of the best aphrodisiac around is a sensual massage using just the right essential oils . The recipes provided use stimulating and warming essential oils that are considered aphrodisiacs. Be sure to choose the essential oil fragrances that you like. If the scent is not pleasing, then neither will the massage or bath. Aphrodisiacs include vetiver, cardamom, cinnamon, clary sage, clove, geranium, ginger, jasmine, neroli, marjoram, patchouli, petitgrain, rose, sandalwood, ylang ylang and even black …show more content…

In the interview Tripp acknowledges that she did, as the National Enquirer published recently, have a sexual affair with Todd Palin that went on for about three years, beginning in 2007 and continuing through the 2008 presidential campaign, ending in December of 2009. Tripp also goes on to talk about her meeting with Sarah Palin in her job as a massage therapist between Jan. 2008 and the beginning of March 2008. "I always ask every patient, especially a female patient, three questions before I begin the massage... I asked her if she was pregnant... she said 'no.'" Sarah Palin's youngest son, Trig, was born on April 18, of 2008. Tripp also states that she massaged her abdominal area and noticed no signs that she was pregnant. "I had no reason to believe she was pregnant," Tripp goes on to state. Bloggers and others have long speculated as to how the former Alaska governor didn't appear pregnant until just a few weeks before the Trig Palin was born. Sarah Palin's own account of the birth of her fifth child was what originally drew the attention of Palin watchers. Sarah Palin stated that she had gone into labor with her fifth child, who she knew to have Down Syndrome, in Dallas but flew back home to Alaska on two separate flights, drove from Anchorage to Wasilla, and then went to the …show more content…

And nothings better when the massage turns to something intimate between you and your lover leading to a lot more rubbing in other places. For a sensual massage, you basically need two things to make this happen (besides a willing partner). First is a good lubricant or lotion and secondly skilled hands. Of course, the lubricant isn't totally necessary, but it definitely makes your skill level go up quite a bit. For any massage you can choose between using massage lotions, massage oils, warming oils, water-based lubricants, and even talcum powder. It's all a matter of preference, although some products are not exactly recommended for massages. Massage oils are always a good idea if you and your partner don't mind them since they tend to be quite oily. You can buy both scented and unscented oils, so shop around a bit and find what kind of scent and texture you like. Make sure you read the label before you try to use the oil with latex based products, such as sex toys and condoms because many times the latex will begin to break down and erode. Massage oil should not be used on the inner part of the genitals (and other sensitive areas on your body), nor as a lubricant for oral sex or vaginal or anal penetration, unless the label specially says it's safe. Massage lotions are the best choice for those

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