Est1 Task 2

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At Company X, it is our upmost desire to comply with rules and laws pertaining to our business, and to hold our values at a spectacular level. Our company values include responsibility, equality, honesty, confidentiality, respect, and integrity. These values are the building block of our company, and should be followed by all employees, management, and any persons associated with our business. By adhering to the code of conduct, our work environment will be comfortable and reliable, and will help avoid unethical behavior.
Our mission is to be successful and profitable, but will not do so by unethical means. We will operate responsibly and honestly. Our company strives to be socially and economically responsible, and these goals can only
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Employees must receive a score of at least ninety percent in order to successfully complete the training. All competencies that are not clearly understood must be re-read. The company will also issue a newsletter to update and refresh employee memory every six months. There will be a lecture and group activity meeting held every six months in regards to discrimination, harassment, and accountability. There will be behavior stimulation activities to ensure that attitude and behavior adhere to these policies. These meetings should last approximately 30-60 minutes. Any and all questions about these policies can be addressed during this time to make sure everyone thoroughly understands these topics and our policies associated with them. In regards to duty of care, there will be an approximately 30 minute meeting every six months in which an online quiz will follow to ensure all employees are knowledgeable about the laws and regulations we must abide by. If anyone were to get less than a ninety-five percent on the topic, they will need to meet with our legal consultant until they’re acceptably knowledgeable with the laws and regulations.
Monitoring, Auditing, and Reporting Misconduct 1. The monitoring of misconduct will be executed in several ways. First, all company computers, tablets, fax machines, and telephones are capable of recording activity. Computers and tablets will track web pages visited, and they are capable of storing all text input. Office
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