Essay about Est1 Task 2

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A. Code of Ethics

1. Dealings with Government Officials It is policy of the company to comply fully with all state and federal laws and regulations. The behavior of every employee is required to signal the company’s desire to conduct relations with government officials and agencies in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. 2. Gifts and Payments Company employees must be careful that their conduct cannot rationally be construed as a bribe or other inappropriate enticement to perform a business act or improperly influence the recipient. Examples of gifts and payments include but are not limited to: meals, travel and travel accommodations, tickets to …show more content…

5. Confidentiality An employee should uphold the confidentiality of information assigned to them by the company and its customers, except when revelation of such information is authorized or required by applicable laws, rules or regulations. “Confidential information” includes all records, non-public information related to the company and its business, customers, or vendors that come to an employee in the course of carrying out the employee’s duties and that can be value to competitors or damaging to the company or its business if revealed. Your obligations with respect to the company’s confidential information are: · Never discuss or disclose information about the company to others except on a “need to know” or “need to use” basis. · Not to disclose this information to people outside the company. · Employees should also never use confidential information for their own benefit. 6. Prohibited Activities Employees may not use the company’s systems (such as email, instant messaging, and the internet) to participate in activities that are illegal, violate company policies and/or result in the company’s liability or embarrassment. Examples of prohibited activities include but are not limited to the following: · Gambling or games; · Large files containing audio or graphic material; · Chain

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